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Social media advertising and marketing is the usage of social media platforms and websites to sell products or services.


 It‟s less difficult than ever to attain thousands of human beings to sell your event.

 You can target your advertising by age, gender, area, and interests.

 Social media is measurable so that you can tune how you spend.

 It is simple to broaden custom messages for unique structures.

 You can acquire actual-time thoughts, feedback, and evaluations.


 Assuming that due to the fact you’ve got personal social media bills you’re a “social media expert”.

Trying to do or say too much to your posts.

Sending out established messages, instead of target market-unique content material. You need to have a considered technique.

Focusing too much on your competition.

Not engaging with the target market in a timely manner, or maybe worse – now not engaging in any respect.

Drowning your target audience’s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make certain they are delivering the specified results.


 Assuming that due to the fact you have personal social media money owed you’re a “social media expert”. Trying to do or say too much for your posts.

Sending out universal messaging as opposed to audience-unique content material. You want to have a take into consideration approach.

Focusing an excessive amount of to your competitors.

Not attractive with the target audience in a well-timed manner, or even worse – no longer attractive in any respect. Drowning your audience‟s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make sure they’re turning in the desired outcomes.


1. Set your Smart dreams & goals.

2. Identify your audience.

3. Conduct a social media audit.

4. Conduct a competitor audit.

5. Conduct marketplace evaluation.

6. Decide which social media platforms are proper for you.

7. Identify sponsor and partner leverage opportunities.

8. Develop your content material.

9. Implement your social media method.

10. Monitor interest and evaluate.


To set your goals and goals you need to apply the Smart approach.

 Specific.

 Measurable.

 Achievable.

 Relevant.

 Timely







Facebook is currently the biggest and most powerful social media channel available. With over 1.4 billion active users international it offers multiple approaches to marketplace your occasion immediately in your target market. In 2015 it turned into suggested by way of Facebook that over 1.9 million New Zealanders had been using Facebook on average, 14 times in step with day, each day. Imagine what this could suggest to your occasion


Facebook gives many approaches to marketplace your occasion:

TARGETING is the approach of figuring out the location of an internet site visitor and turning in exclusive content to that visitor based on his or her location, including the united states of America, location/country, town, postcode, company, IP address, ISP or other criteria. Targeted Advertising Targeted Facebook marketing lets in you to geotarget your occasion advertising.

Sponsored/Boosted Posts

Organic reach is the total number of specific folks who have been shown your publish through unpaid distribution. Paid to attain is the entire range of specific folks that were shown you submit as a result of ads. Total attain is the number of precise folks who saw your posts, regardless of wherein they saw it. If your publish reaches someone organically and through an ad, that man or woman may be included in natural reach, paid to attain and overall attain.

Audience Network

Audience Network By Facebook is a program through Facebook that lets publishers monetize their content. They can generate sales on either an in keeping with-click on or in keeping with-affect foundation. It helps you to monetize your Mobile Application, Website, Videos Across Platform


Facebook Promotions are a super way to spread the word approximately your occasion, create hype and develop your Facebook following right away. To run a promoting you need to first of all steady an amazing prize in an effort to attraction to your target audience


Instagram is an amusing and fast way to share facts about your event via a chain of pics. There is a choice of filters available and it’s far first-rate easy to apply. Instagram is owned by way of Facebook meaning you could now streamline your advertisements and posts to routinely publish on both platforms. If used properly, Instagram may be a completely cost-effective and innovative manner to market your events.


 Photo advertisements:- can help you share your message through a picture that is sponsored to reveal in fans‟ newsfeeds.

 Carousel:- These are an extension of photo classified ads allowing you to upload more than one pics that users can see by using swiping the display screen.•

 Video carousel:- Recently Instagram has brought a feature that permits you to publish video ads. This method that as an event organizer you could now proportion a combination of three to 5 static photographs and video as an advertisement for your occasion.

 Dynamic advertisements (additionally referred to as dynamic creatives or dynamic banners) are banners that routinely exchange so one can adapt content material and promotions, particularly to every person, ensuring that every person is exposed to the most effective innovative for her or him.


LinkedIn is the sector’s largest professional network with over 400 million specialists on it. It offers you the possibility to have self-provider advertising or managed campaigns. This is a fantastic social media device if your audience is professionals.

Marketing Options

 Status replaces On LinkedIn, you could put up a private replace for your connections. This is first-rate to promote your event. You may even link immediately to your website for visitors to get greater data.  Sponsored content This is while you pay to reinforce your content material so it’s miles seen by greater specialists. It is available on desktop, smartphone, and pill and is an extremely good manner to make certain your occasion is seen by means of greater humans.

 Display advertisements Display commercials are general digital advertisements that show on the LinkedIn community. They are ideal for brand awareness to hold your occasion pinnacle of thoughts

 Direct message You can ship three kinds of direct messages on LinkedIn:

I. In Mail: – This allows you to craft an email this is sent without delay to your selected audience‟s LinkedIn inbox. To ship an InMail you need credits (which come with top rate bills). Alternatively, you should purchase those ones by one.

II. First-tier connection message:- If you’re related to a person on LinkedIn you can send free direct messages to them. You can also send a message to as much as 50 connections at one time by way of typing their call in the “send to‟ discipline.

III.Group message: – If you proportion a set with a person you may ship them an unfastened, direct message via honestly locating them (individuals tab) inside the group and clicking at the “send message‟ link.


Youtube Is The Biggest Video Platform In The World and the Second Largest Search Engine With Billions Of People Logging On Every Day To Discover, Watch And Share Videos. Therefore, It Is A High Possibility That Your Prospective Attendees Are Searching For Videos Related To Your Event (Or Your Type Of Event) Before Making Up Their Mind About Purchasing A Ticket.


With over 310 million active month-to-month users, and 1 billion precise visits a month Twitter is a very popular provider for buddies, own family, and coworkers to communicate and live connected. Twitter is all about the change of brief, frequent messages. It is set the “now” and approximately sharing topical data quickly. Tweets may be as much as a hundred and forty characters and may consist of pics, movies or hyperlinks. Twitter stated in 2017 that on average there had been 500 million tweets in line with day internationally.

Promoted Accounts:- When you first launch your Twitter account you won‟t have any followers. By selling your account it will be cautioned to people who may additionally locate it exciting.

Promoted Tweets:- A promoted Tweet is when you pay to promote a Tweet to attain a much wider institution of users. Although they may be categorized as “promoted” in the newsfeed of fans, it guarantees that extra fans see your event message.

Timeline Ads Recently:- Twitter added the capacity for human beings to run commercials in timelines. Previously you can handiest run commercials on the equal web page, no longer inside the timeline itself. You can select the theme and shades of your advertisements so they combine extra organically on the user‟s timelines.

Twitter Polls:- Twitter Polls is a highly new characteristic that lets in to effortlessly create your own ballot and spot the outcomes right away.

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