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AdWords is an online google platform where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements.

Google Advertisement popularly known as google ads Or AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.


  • Search ads(Sem)
  • Video ad(youtube ad)
  • Display ad and responsive ad

Google Adwords goals


let’s talk about how to run a brand awareness ad because when you can do that the rest of them should be a piece of cake.

Steps to run a brand awareness advert on google

Click on brand awareness then you can click on display afterward click on continue

Put in your business website and click on continue

Campaign name can be any name you want, just to help you differentiate between the adverts you are running

Choose the locations you want to see your advertisement

you can target based on the people staying in that area, or the ones who often visit there or the ones who search for the location.

The language you should put is English if your advert and the people you’re targeting speaks English

you can bid based on impressions if you want

Then your budget should be how much you want google to spend in a day.

schedule the time you want the advertisement to run

add the start and end date

allow Google to optimize how frequent your advert would show

Target your audience based on who you feel they are

Target based on their age, gender, and parental status

click on content targeting to target based on keyword topic and placement

target with related and nonrelated keywords

related topics

Then set a bid lower than your daily budget

upload an image for your advert with the supported sizes blelow

Google supported sizes

Supported sizes and formats

closeFile types

Ad sizes

Square and rectangle200 × 200Small square240 × 400Vertical rectangle250 × 250Square250 × 360Triple widescreen300 × 250Inline rectangle336 × 280Large rectangle580 × 400NetboardLeaderboard468 × 60Banner728 × 90Leaderboard930 × 180Top banner970 × 90Large leaderboard970 × 250Billboard980 × 120Panorama
Skyscraper120 × 600Skyscraper160 × 600Wide skyscraper300 × 600Half-page300 × 1050PortraitMobile300 × 50Mobile banner320 × 50Mobile banner320 × 100Large mobile banner
ResponsiveResponsive HTML5 ad sizes are determined by the space available.

You can now create your advert and add your billing