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Marketing strategy that can make your business better

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What is a marketing strategy?

Wikipedia would say Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

That’s actually Wikipedia’s definition, but if you ask me what marketing strategy is, I would tell you its any plan you apply or want to apply to your business that works.

Does that mean that all strategies work? No

Does that mean that all strategies should work? Yes

A well planned and structured marketing should work, if it doesn’t you might need to add little juice to it.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.


During a business strategy retreat, A facilitator asked us what we would love to learn.

When it got to my turn, I told her I would love to learn her marketing strategy

she quickly corrected me, she said “marketing strategy” not “my marketing strategy”

After her session, I understood what works for “A” might not necessarily work for “B”

Let’s take Opay and Gokada for example (In case you don’t know them just google)

Gokada existed before Opay but Opay came, and they took over.

Why? patience, time and planning.

Most people don’t have the patience to work on their strategy

They are all excited thinking it would work or maybe they are betting on the fact it would work

Every structured strategy has a particular time or season it should be executed

Always plan for what could possibly go wrong, if “A” doesn’t work the alphabets are up to 26


  • Grassroot strategy
  • storytelling strategy
  • word of mouth
  • Swot

Before I explain any of the strategies above, I want to kindly remind you of my statement earlier on.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.

Trust me when I tell you Google is my best friend

I’ve searched repeatedly online for a working strategy

But they keep on repeating the same thing

For a strategy to work, you need to apply Grassroot strategy

You need to get out of your comfort zone and see exactly what is happening around you.

Drop your pride, beauty, heels, just drop them all for a while and go to the grassroots

You can’t get product knowledge from google

Identify the fact that the market has need

Don’t lunch when you’re not ready for the market or the market is not ready for you

Localize the global strategy

New strategy that is trending is carrying people along

The best place to start is your home, if they can’t buy into your idea, you’re not ready.

Avoid vision killers

Identify your strength weakness, opportunities, and targets(swot)

Who where when why how should be a question you don’t stop answering

Did you hear about the Nigerian lady who went to prepare Moi-Moi in the white house?

She got there through word of mouth, it started when she prepared this really nice moi-moi for her husband’s visitor

She prepared moi-moi for him, he loved it so much and asked if he could pay for her to make a certain amount for him

From there he told someone, they tried it and told another person, the chained continued until she landed in the white house.

Power of word of mouth

Do you know no one knows and can tell your story better than you

They might spice it up but it’s still yours.

I would continue to write more about this and go in-depth on how to make your strategy work perfectly, just keep on visiting my blog and learning more from precious media.

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AdWords is an online google platform where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements.

Google Advertisement popularly known as google ads Or AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.


  • Search ads(Sem)
  • Video ad(youtube ad)
  • Display ad and responsive ad

Google Adwords goals


let’s talk about how to run a brand awareness ad because when you can do that the rest of them should be a piece of cake.

Steps to run a brand awareness advert on google

Click on brand awareness then you can click on display afterward click on continue

Put in your business website and click on continue

Campaign name can be any name you want, just to help you differentiate between the adverts you are running

Choose the locations you want to see your advertisement

you can target based on the people staying in that area, or the ones who often visit there or the ones who search for the location.

The language you should put is English if your advert and the people you’re targeting speaks English

you can bid based on impressions if you want

Then your budget should be how much you want google to spend in a day.

schedule the time you want the advertisement to run

add the start and end date

allow Google to optimize how frequent your advert would show

Target your audience based on who you feel they are

Target based on their age, gender, and parental status

click on content targeting to target based on keyword topic and placement

target with related and nonrelated keywords

related topics

Then set a bid lower than your daily budget

upload an image for your advert with the supported sizes blelow

Google supported sizes

Supported sizes and formats

closeFile types

Ad sizes

Square and rectangle200 × 200Small square240 × 400Vertical rectangle250 × 250Square250 × 360Triple widescreen300 × 250Inline rectangle336 × 280Large rectangle580 × 400NetboardLeaderboard468 × 60Banner728 × 90Leaderboard930 × 180Top banner970 × 90Large leaderboard970 × 250Billboard980 × 120Panorama
Skyscraper120 × 600Skyscraper160 × 600Wide skyscraper300 × 600Half-page300 × 1050PortraitMobile300 × 50Mobile banner320 × 50Mobile banner320 × 100Large mobile banner
ResponsiveResponsive HTML5 ad sizes are determined by the space available.

You can now create your advert and add your billing

social media marketing

Social media marketing

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Social media advertising and marketing is the usage of social media platforms and websites to sell products or services.


 It‟s less difficult than ever to attain thousands of human beings to sell your event.

 You can target your advertising by age, gender, area, and interests.

 Social media is measurable so that you can tune how you spend.

 It is simple to broaden custom messages for unique structures.

 You can acquire actual-time thoughts, feedback, and evaluations.


 Assuming that due to the fact you’ve got personal social media bills you’re a “social media expert”.

Trying to do or say too much to your posts.

Sending out established messages, instead of target market-unique content material. You need to have a considered technique.

Focusing too much on your competition.

Not engaging with the target market in a timely manner, or maybe worse – now not engaging in any respect.

Drowning your target audience’s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make certain they are delivering the specified results.


 Assuming that due to the fact you have personal social media money owed you’re a “social media expert”. Trying to do or say too much for your posts.

Sending out universal messaging as opposed to audience-unique content material. You want to have a take into consideration approach.

Focusing an excessive amount of to your competitors.

Not attractive with the target audience in a well-timed manner, or even worse – no longer attractive in any respect. Drowning your audience‟s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make sure they’re turning in the desired outcomes.


1. Set your Smart dreams & goals.

2. Identify your audience.

3. Conduct a social media audit.

4. Conduct a competitor audit.

5. Conduct marketplace evaluation.

6. Decide which social media platforms are proper for you.

7. Identify sponsor and partner leverage opportunities.

8. Develop your content material.

9. Implement your social media method.

10. Monitor interest and evaluate.


To set your goals and goals you need to apply the Smart approach.

 Specific.

 Measurable.

 Achievable.

 Relevant.

 Timely







Facebook is currently the biggest and most powerful social media channel available. With over 1.4 billion active users international it offers multiple approaches to marketplace your occasion immediately in your target market. In 2015 it turned into suggested by way of Facebook that over 1.9 million New Zealanders had been using Facebook on average, 14 times in step with day, each day. Imagine what this could suggest to your occasion


Facebook gives many approaches to marketplace your occasion:

TARGETING is the approach of figuring out the location of an internet site visitor and turning in exclusive content to that visitor based on his or her location, including the united states of America, location/country, town, postcode, company, IP address, ISP or other criteria. Targeted Advertising Targeted Facebook marketing lets in you to geotarget your occasion advertising.

Sponsored/Boosted Posts

Organic reach is the total number of specific folks who have been shown your publish through unpaid distribution. Paid to attain is the entire range of specific folks that were shown you submit as a result of ads. Total attain is the number of precise folks who saw your posts, regardless of wherein they saw it. If your publish reaches someone organically and through an ad, that man or woman may be included in natural reach, paid to attain and overall attain.

Audience Network

Audience Network By Facebook is a program through Facebook that lets publishers monetize their content. They can generate sales on either an in keeping with-click on or in keeping with-affect foundation. It helps you to monetize your Mobile Application, Website, Videos Across Platform


Facebook Promotions are a super way to spread the word approximately your occasion, create hype and develop your Facebook following right away. To run a promoting you need to first of all steady an amazing prize in an effort to attraction to your target audience


Instagram is an amusing and fast way to share facts about your event via a chain of pics. There is a choice of filters available and it’s far first-rate easy to apply. Instagram is owned by way of Facebook meaning you could now streamline your advertisements and posts to routinely publish on both platforms. If used properly, Instagram may be a completely cost-effective and innovative manner to market your events.


 Photo advertisements:- can help you share your message through a picture that is sponsored to reveal in fans‟ newsfeeds.

 Carousel:- These are an extension of photo classified ads allowing you to upload more than one pics that users can see by using swiping the display screen.•

 Video carousel:- Recently Instagram has brought a feature that permits you to publish video ads. This method that as an event organizer you could now proportion a combination of three to 5 static photographs and video as an advertisement for your occasion.

 Dynamic advertisements (additionally referred to as dynamic creatives or dynamic banners) are banners that routinely exchange so one can adapt content material and promotions, particularly to every person, ensuring that every person is exposed to the most effective innovative for her or him.


LinkedIn is the sector’s largest professional network with over 400 million specialists on it. It offers you the possibility to have self-provider advertising or managed campaigns. This is a fantastic social media device if your audience is professionals.

Marketing Options

 Status replaces On LinkedIn, you could put up a private replace for your connections. This is first-rate to promote your event. You may even link immediately to your website for visitors to get greater data.  Sponsored content This is while you pay to reinforce your content material so it’s miles seen by greater specialists. It is available on desktop, smartphone, and pill and is an extremely good manner to make certain your occasion is seen by means of greater humans.

 Display advertisements Display commercials are general digital advertisements that show on the LinkedIn community. They are ideal for brand awareness to hold your occasion pinnacle of thoughts

 Direct message You can ship three kinds of direct messages on LinkedIn:

I. In Mail: – This allows you to craft an email this is sent without delay to your selected audience‟s LinkedIn inbox. To ship an InMail you need credits (which come with top rate bills). Alternatively, you should purchase those ones by one.

II. First-tier connection message:- If you’re related to a person on LinkedIn you can send free direct messages to them. You can also send a message to as much as 50 connections at one time by way of typing their call in the “send to‟ discipline.

III.Group message: – If you proportion a set with a person you may ship them an unfastened, direct message via honestly locating them (individuals tab) inside the group and clicking at the “send message‟ link.


Youtube Is The Biggest Video Platform In The World and the Second Largest Search Engine With Billions Of People Logging On Every Day To Discover, Watch And Share Videos. Therefore, It Is A High Possibility That Your Prospective Attendees Are Searching For Videos Related To Your Event (Or Your Type Of Event) Before Making Up Their Mind About Purchasing A Ticket.


With over 310 million active month-to-month users, and 1 billion precise visits a month Twitter is a very popular provider for buddies, own family, and coworkers to communicate and live connected. Twitter is all about the change of brief, frequent messages. It is set the “now” and approximately sharing topical data quickly. Tweets may be as much as a hundred and forty characters and may consist of pics, movies or hyperlinks. Twitter stated in 2017 that on average there had been 500 million tweets in line with day internationally.

Promoted Accounts:- When you first launch your Twitter account you won‟t have any followers. By selling your account it will be cautioned to people who may additionally locate it exciting.

Promoted Tweets:- A promoted Tweet is when you pay to promote a Tweet to attain a much wider institution of users. Although they may be categorized as “promoted” in the newsfeed of fans, it guarantees that extra fans see your event message.

Timeline Ads Recently:- Twitter added the capacity for human beings to run commercials in timelines. Previously you can handiest run commercials on the equal web page, no longer inside the timeline itself. You can select the theme and shades of your advertisements so they combine extra organically on the user‟s timelines.

Twitter Polls:- Twitter Polls is a highly new characteristic that lets in to effortlessly create your own ballot and spot the outcomes right away.

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digital marketing

Digital marketing tutorial for beginners

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Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the centered, measurable, and interactive marketing of services or products the use of virtual technologies to attain and convert leads into clients and retain them. The key objective is to promote manufacturers, build preference and boom income through diverse virtual advertising and marketing.

Digital advertising and marketing is also the technique of constructing and maintaining patron relationships through online activities to facilitate the change of ideas, products, and offerings that fulfill the goals of both parties. Virtual advertising doesn’t just need to do with buying and promoting on-line, it is extra than that, it’s far like moving into a critical relationship, you have to be committed to it to allow you to gain your dreams.

The world is now on-line, and that is why you furthermore might have to do most matters online.


One manner to make certain you are located on the web is with an optimized digital advertising method.

Most virtual advertising strategies and campaigns have the following five goals

 Reaching the right target market

 To have interaction together with your audience

 To encourage your audience to take action

 Efficient spending on your campaign

 Return on funding(ROI)


Digital marketing is set producing sales and/or shooting leads from clients that are searching on the net for answers. Here are six commonplace desires that your digital advertising approach can affect:

 Increasing hassle and solution recognition

 Acquiring new leads and customers

 Activating leads and clients

 Monetizing present leads and clients

 Onboarding new leads and customers

 Building community and advocacy

Digital Marketing Terminology you need to know

 Click-Through Rate (CTR)

 Call-To-Action (CTA)

 Conversion Rate

 Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

 Off-Page Optimization

 On-Page Optimization

 Organic Traffic

 Clicks Per Delivered (CPD)

 Clicks Per Open (CPO)

 Open Rate


Website layout (consumer experience)

Search engine optimization (search engine marketing)

Pay in step with click (PPC)

Social media advertising and marketing (SMM)

Email advertising

Display advertising (banner commercials)

Affiliate advertising

Content advertising and marketing

Online popularity management (ORM)

Web Designing – Web layout encompasses many distinct talents and disciplines in the manufacturing and renovation of websites. The one-of-a-kind regions of web design consist of web picture layout; interface design; authoring, which includes standardized code and proprietary software; user revel in design; and search engine optimization.

 Internet Marketing (search engine marketing) – Internet advertising and marketing, or on-line advertising and marketing, refers to advertising and marketing and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to power direct income through digital commerce, further to income leads from Web web sites or emails.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is the system of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media advertising and marketing packages typically center on efforts to create content material that attracts interest and encourages readers to share it throughout their social networks.

 Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate advertising is a type of performance-primarily based marketing in which a business rewards one or greater affiliates for each tourist or patron delivered by way of the affiliate’s personal marketing

Why do you suspect human beings go online

For Information On A New Product, Service Or Location

If They Have A Question

If They Are Looking For Help

If They Want More Information On Certain Individuals Or Organizations

Meeting Attendants

Business Contact

General Information (Maybe About You)

New Employee

New Available Jobs

How to begin with digital advertising

Are you truly in communicating your thoughts? Do you consider within the energy of the Internet? Can you believe you studied out of the box? If sure, then you definitely must think of a career in Internet Marketing

Learn search engine optimization as a Professional

Learn how to use high-quality search engine optimization practices to grow your site visitors and thereby your profit. I might teach you internet advertising and marketing guides that offer you extra than 50 distinctive lessons that specify search engine optimization techniques from key-word studies, on-the-web page optimization, link constructing to tracking your rating positions. Each thematic set of instructions ends with a list of recommended assets and checks that grade your fulfillment in analyzing.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Practice the modern-day techniques of social media advertising to sell your brand and appeal to dependable clients. With our net marketing guides you’ll learn how to use blogs and microblogs at full throttle, see what sort of social media optimization you need, reveal the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Start Your Own Professional search engine optimization Company

Having found out the idea and practiced it sufficient, you could need to render net advertising offerings. That is why the final level of internet advertising online courses is devoted to starting and promoting your very own expert search engine optimization corporation. You will learn how to explore the area of interest, increase or adopt a method, manipulate the tasks, promote your business and advertise it online.

If you want to analyze extra about virtual marketing, the whole thing I actually have mentioned above and how to go approximately with digital marketing continually you may view the subsequent put up or observe me on Instagram @lollipoptic

Facebook advertisement


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Facebook advertisement are paid adverts targeted to users based on a customer avatar … After creating an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. Facebook’s most important ad targeting options. Users then see your ads in the sidebar on

Facebook is split into 3 most important elements:

✓ Personal account (admin)

✓ Page (social media workplace)

✓ Group (on line community)

Campaign Objectives

AWARENESS: an ad for folks that are not aware of their problem and your answer.

CONSIDERATION: ad for folks who are aware of their hassle but are attempting to find extra information on your solution.

CONVERSION: Adverts for folks that are prepared to shop for. That is humans that have diagnosed their problem and are privy to your answer and are inclined to shop for.




Brand arrangement




Video perspectives

Catalogue income


Store traffic


Lead era

App Install

Steps to begin Advertising on Facebook

1. Visit www.Facebook.Com, log on your account


None of the followers will realize the identification of the man or woman managing the fb page.

2. Click on create

three. Click on page. There are styles of pages

i. Business or emblem

ii. Community or public parent

4. Since it is a business web page, select enterprise or logo via clicking on get started

five. Fill in web page call (class, most people use brand)

6. Click on maintain (pass the profile photograph and the duvet page)

Setting up your Business page

Elements of your page:

1. Your profile photo: includes your brand that’s your ID

2. The cover photograph suggests details regarding your page, your unique provide, product and services.

Three. The Button tells the purchaser the movement to take while interested in your product and service

four. Description: (web page information), includes all the information about your business and brand, like description, category, cellphone quantity, e-mail address.

5. Instant message: mechanically sends anchor message in your customers when they ship you a message

6. Page roles: allows you to feature different people as admins of your page

7. Instagram: Allows you to connect, percentage posts, run advertisements to Instagram.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Engagement gives you likes, stocks, and remarks, video views, direct messages.

Traffic sends people to a touchdown page

Lead era is used to get emails.

App deploy is used to lead people to google to put in your app

Steps to posting to your web page

1. Open your page

2. Go to the compose phase beneath the quilt web page.

3. Click inside the write a publish container

4. Write the content in the container

5. Click on upload photograph/video

6. After uploading image or video, click on share now

Steps to add cash in your Facebook advertisement

1. Go to fb.Com/ads supervisor

2. On the pinnacle left corner click on ad supervisor and choose to bill below all gear/settings

three. Click on billing, then fee settings at the proper hand nook

four. Click on add price method


There are three approaches of including cash on facebook:

i. Normal Facebook cash method

ii. Third-celebration price technique (Naira payment with a master, or Visa card)

iii. Facebook advert coupon

How to installation a visitors advert

1. Visit Facebook.Com/admanager

2. Click on create with the aid of your left-hand side

three. Select your goal

four. Add your campaign name and click on hold

5. Configure your ad set. E.G. Identity, visitors, target audience, placement, finances, and agenda.

6. Move on your ad section, configure your ID if necessary

7. Import images/films or carousel

eight. Add your text, that stays on top the photograph

nine. Add a headline and a link if important

10. Select a button, click on configure to start going for walks your marketing campaign.

That’s all, for now, preserve analyzing our weblog to analyze extra

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How to run an Instagram advertisement

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Instagram bills are divided into; Business and Personal bills. To convert your Instagram account right into a business account, you need a Facebook page.

Steps to converting your Personal account to commercial enterprise and Vice versa:

1. Open an IG account, visit the profile selection

2. Click at the 3 traces at the right corner,

3. Click on settings, click on the account

four. Click on switch to business or private account

five. OR click on more gear.

How to run AD on IG

i. Open Instagram, submit the image or content material to sell

ii. Go to the profile section, click on on the publish, then click on sell

iii. Select the marketing campaign objective

NB: there are 3 forms of campaign goals

· Send customers in your profile

· Send clients on your website

· Customers send you a right away message

After deciding on targets, click on the subsequent button to choose the target audience. There are kinds of targeting:

AUTOMATIC TARGETING: It allows you to target human beings just like your followers.

MANUAL TARGETING: Allows you to create your very own the use of the subsequent: name, vicinity, age, hobby.

After focused on and configuring your target market, click on budget and length, choose your finances and period, click on subsequent and create advertising.

You also can run an Instagram advert from facebook, which is lots greater effective, in case you’ve read my previous submit on how to run facebook commercial it has to be easy for you however in case you have not to study it, let me surely train you a way to run an Instagram advert from Fb.

How to an Instagram advert from facebook

First of all you have to make sure Facebook is related to your Instagram

subsequent go to www.Fb.Com/advertisements

click on create an ad

pick out your objective


Engagement offers you likes, stocks, and feedback, video views, direct messages.

Traffic sends humans to a landing web page

Lead generation is used to get emails.

App set up is used to guide human beings to google to install your app

when you’re completed you can, in reality, fill the shape the manner you want, they may be easy questions you simply want to reply

At the placements segment, you may select Edit Placements and select Instagram to have your commercials seem on Instagram. If you select Automatic Placements, your ad will run across a lot of Facebook Placements, which includes Instagram, to provide you the first-class fee to your ads.

Then you can continue

That is largely all on Instagram advertisements.

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How to start a blog

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You can easily start a blog by using blogger or WordPress

Below are the step you can observe to begin your weblog with blogger

How to start a blog on blogger platform

1. Make positive you have a Gmail account

2. Visit www.Blogger.Com

3. Sign in together with your Gmail

4. Create a blogger profile with the call you need

5. Click on create a brand new blog.


Your blogger account can create greater than ten blogs on that profile

6. Add your identify and cope with

NB: Your name is the name of your blog, while they cope with is the URL or area of your weblog.

How to get site visitors to your blog.

1. Through social media adverts

2. Through show ads

three. Through search engine optimization (based on relevance). Seek Engine Optimization

four. Through sharing posts on social media the use of hashtags

five. Using email advertising

How to Embed motion pictures on weblog posts

1. Go to youtube.Com

2. Search for the video

three. Expand or open the video

four. Click on proportion, beneath the share a hyperlink dialogue container, click on the embed

5. Copy the hyperlink given to you

6. Go lower back to blogger, open you’re submitting by means of the pinnacle left-hand aspect, click on HTML and paste.

Social media advertising

There are three media in virtual marketing:

✓ Paid (commercial)

✓ Earned (social media publish)

✓ Owned (your website, your weblog)

To construct a strong advertising strategy, you need to understand the following:

1. Business plans

2. Market notion

three. Your target marketplace (who, why, in which)

4. Digital technology usage

5. The exceptional channels for you

Digital marketing or online advertising and marketing is promoting your business the usage of one or all of the following 5 channels:

I. Search

II. Social

III. Video

IV. Email

V. Display


Every commercial enterprise needs to construct a web approach.

The Business Strategy

The enterprise approach is split into 4 elements.

1. Mission statement: that is a one-sentence precis that defines what you are trying to do. You use your task statement to keep the whole thing in the test.

2. Organizational or logo targets: the piece necessary to hold the commercial enterprise walking and preserving identification.

3. Value proportion.

I. Why do you out?

Ii. What makes your enterprise-specific?

Iii. Why might someone pick out you over your competitors?

Four. Elevator pitch: it is the precis of your emblem


To construct an emblem or commercial enterprise approach, you need to:

i. Reach the proper or accurate audience

ii. Understand the target audience

iii. Understand wherein to discover the target audience.

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Search engine optimization (SEO)

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization has to do with being found on search engines. This is all about how visible your website is on an online search engine result. There are four ways google gets information on you or your business.

  1. Your website
  2. Social media accounts or blogs
  3. Relevance because google appreciates it alot
  4. Free platforms (google my business)

If your blog post, article, or product is on any other page of the Google search results than the first, then it’s the equivalent of it not ranking at all.

According to Neil Patel, ” If you ever need to hide a dead body, you should place it on the second page of Google search results ” everyone is really interested in what’s going on on the first page of google.

Just like hacking where you have the white-hat, black-hat, grey-hat,e.t.c. SEO we also have:

White-hat, black-hat and grey-hat which is in the middle of black and white

Black hat has to do with :

  • Duplicating content because original content and fresh contents are not easy to generate.
  • Links from the site with nonrelevant content
  • invisible text and stuffed keyword
  • cloaking or re-directing the user to another site or page

while white hat has to do with:

  • relevant content
  • well labeled images
  • relevant links and references
  • a unique and relevant page title
  • complete sentences with good grammars
  • standard-compliant HTML

Types of SEO

we have three major types of SEO

  • on-page SEO
  • off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO

On-Page search engine marketing

On-web page search engine optimization pertains to the content for your website.

It consists of strategies to optimize a person’s web page on a website.

These factors (all of which might be outlined on this on-page search engine marketing checklist) help engines like google apprehend the topic of the content and see that the website is a treasured source that humans would want to discover.

This sort of search engine optimization includes:

Keyword research: Finding the first-rate keywords to goal on a page of content material
Content creation: Publishing extraordinary content material focused on the right track key phrases
Keyword optimization: Using the target keyword in all of the proper places and using good meta tag search engine optimization.
Alexa has tools to assist with all aspects of on-web page search engine optimization. For key-word research and content material creation, use our Keyword Difficulty Tool to find applicable, popular, low-competition keywords to target to your web page.

Key-word research for on web page search engine optimization

For keyword optimization, use our On-Page SEO Checker to do a complete evaluation of individual pages to your website and spot if they may be fully optimized in your goal key-word.

Enter the target keyword and URL to acquire a document with ignored optimization opportunities and guidelines for development.

Technical SEO

Technical search engine optimization relates to non-content material factors of your internet site.

It includes strategies to improve a site’s backend structure and basis.

Technical search engine marketing improves a site’s clarity (which makes it easy for search engines like google and yahoo to move slowly and recognize the web site) and affords an amazing consumer revel in, which enables engines like google to see that the site is highly pleasant. An appropriate consumer enjoy is also vital for readers, and can have an effect on usual visitors and engagement quotes.

The kinds of search engine optimization covered in this class relate to:

Site pace
Mobile-friendliness because we have more of mobile users these days.
Site architecture
Structured information
A clean way to test at the state of your technical SEO is by using the usage of Alexa’s search engine optimization Audit Tool. Enter your site to receive a record at the repute of a couple of technical elements alongside instructions for a way to resolve issues if you have any.

Off-Site search engine marketing

Off-web page search engine marketing strategies assist improve the effect and relationship your website has with different web sites.

It includes techniques to construct a website’s recognition and authority. These factors help serps see that a website is a super seek end result due to the fact its miles from a reputable, reliable, trusted source.

Most off-web page search engine marketing pertains to excessive–high-quality backlinks.

A massive quantity of links pointing on your website online from relevant, authoritative sites suggests engines like google that your web page is precious and mounted. You can benefit those believe indicators through quite a few hyperlink building and guest posting tactics.

To create a hyperlink building plan, use Alexa’s Competitor Backlink Checker. Enter up to ten URLs of competitor websites and acquire a document with all the hyperlinks pointing in your competition. Use this aggressive evaluation to get ideas for how you may construct hyperlinks to the same websites.



  • Domain extension shows country of target – e.g. .ng
  • Domain name is registered with top agent: GoDaddy, Enom, etc
  • Host locally within the target country
  • Submit Your website to search engines
  • Setup google analytics for your website
  • Setup Alexa account for your website
  • Generate good keywords – see below guide
  • Use keyword or keyphrase as the domain name or domain extension URL
  • Place keywords in page title,
  • Use keywords generously in composing page text
  • Place keywords in Meta tags
  • Add the company to GoogleMaps with addresses in target areas. Location matters in address – how close to the client, use google map with real address locations within each target market
  • Add title tags and alt to images using keywords
  • Add keywords on external websites and hyperlink the keywords/keyphrases
  • Create and daily update blogs on each product
  • Submit URL to search engines =, bing. Etc
  • Submit company/website to 150 online directories & yellow pages
  • Submit articles to nairaland or popular forums you know as
    • New topic
    • Use keyword and title of the post
    • Hyperlink the keywords to your website
    • Make the keywords not hyperlinked bold
    • Include your signature

Choice of keywords

  • Locations
  • Types of service
  • What keywords competition is using
  • Names of competitors
  • Synonyms/ thesaurus
  • Google keyword suggestions


  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Analytics
  3.  Search Console
  4. Traffic growth to the Ahrefs Blog shown in Google Analytics. …
  5. Answer the Public. …
  6. Ahrefs’ Free Backlink Checker. …
  7. Beam Us Up. …
  8. Yoast SEO. …
  9. Keyworddit. …
  10.* …
  11. SEO Web Page Analyzer.

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Email marketing

1000 1250 Precious Media

What is Email marketing?

Email marketing can simply be defined as promoting your brand and increasing sales through the act of sending commercial messages.

How does email marketing work?

There are certain tools you could use to make email marketing a lot more easier for you like

  1. Mailchimp
  2. get response
  3. elastic mail
  4. Constant Contact
  5. drip
  6. SendinBlue
  7. ConvertKit

so many more I’m not here to talk about, but I would explain step by step how to go about email marketing with Mailchimp

How do you use MailChimp step by step?

This is very easy, just follow the process and you would be an expert in Mailchimp and email marketing.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Click on sign up for free

step 3.

it would take you to a page just like this, all you have to do is to fill the form following instructions, you can use your email address as your username and for the password make sure you add

  • One lowercase character
  • One uppercase character
  • One number
  • One special character
  • 8 characters minimum

when you’re done click on get started.

step 4.

Mailchimp would send activation mail to your Email, all you have to do is to click on the activation message, activate then it would redirects you to a page that tells you to confirm if you’re not a robot. confirm you’re not a robot and move to the next step.

Step 5.

Payment plan, simply click on the free plan that indicates 2000 free mails, it allows you to send 2000 free mails, if it’s more than that, they would automatically upgrade you, which would require payment, so kindly click on the free plan and click on complete.

Step 6.

The next page is “Welcome to Mailchimp” fill in your first name and last name.

Step 7.

Next page is “tell us about your business ”

Type the name of your business and website and click on continue.

Step 8.

Next step “Add your address” fill the form and click on continue

Step 9.

 Do you have a list of email subscribers?

 Just click on I’m not sure and continue.

Step 10.

“Connect to social media”

You don’t need to connect to social just continue

Step 11.

 Let’s find your marketing path?

Click on “not right now”

Click on let’s go and you’re ready

Next, you have to import your email contacts to Mailchimp and to do that follow the steps below

How to import email addresses on Mailchimp

1. Click on audience above

2. Click on manage audience and select import contacts

3. Select the medium or way to import


The easiest way to import is to use the copy/paste option

4. Select Copy/paste and click on continue to set up

5. Paste or type in your email and click on continue to match

6. Click on continue to organize

7. Click on continue to review then click on import

Next, you have to create your campaign

How to create an email campaign (Newsletter)

1. On the top bar, click on create

2. Select email from the pop-up dialogue box

3. Set your campaign name and click on begin

4. Go to design template, select the template

5. Use the tools to design your email campaign

i. TEXT: to write a copy or context

ii. BOXED TEXT: used for headers

iii. IMAGE: To bring in a single photo

iv. IMAGE GROUP: Brings in more than one photo, with a maximum of five

v. SOCIAL SHARE: Allows subscribers to share your newsletters

vi. SOCIAL FOLLOW: Allows your subscribers to follow you on social media

vii. FOOTER: To add your contact

viii. DIVIDER: Allows you to add space between two of your tools

ix. IMAGE+CAPTION: Combination of image and text

x. IMAGE CARD: Combination of image and text box

xi. BUTTON: Allows you to add a link or an action to your subscribers.

The toolbox contains:


Content allows you to edit and import the content, while the style area allows you to beautify your content. The settings allow you to add additional features and rearrange.


All tools have additional four tools on them

1. The dragging and rearranging tool ( box with smaller boxes in it)

2. Edit tool (a box with a small slender rectangle positioned on a horizontal line)

3. Delete tool ( a basket in a box)

4. Duplicate ( A box with two smaller boxes with the fore one carrying a plus sign)

When you are done with setting up your mail, you can send

That’s all on Mailchimp for now

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