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What is a marketing strategy?

Wikipedia would say Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

That’s actually Wikipedia’s definition, but if you ask me what marketing strategy is, I would tell you its any plan you apply or want to apply to your business that works.

Does that mean that all strategies work? No

Does that mean that all strategies should work? Yes

A well planned and structured marketing should work, if it doesn’t you might need to add little juice to it.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.


During a business strategy retreat, A facilitator asked us what we would love to learn.

When it got to my turn, I told her I would love to learn her marketing strategy

she quickly corrected me, she said “marketing strategy” not “my marketing strategy”

After her session, I understood what works for “A” might not necessarily work for “B”

Let’s take Opay and Gokada for example (In case you don’t know them just google)

Gokada existed before Opay but Opay came, and they took over.

Why? patience, time and planning.

Most people don’t have the patience to work on their strategy

They are all excited thinking it would work or maybe they are betting on the fact it would work

Every structured strategy has a particular time or season it should be executed

Always plan for what could possibly go wrong, if “A” doesn’t work the alphabets are up to 26


  • Grassroot strategy
  • storytelling strategy
  • word of mouth
  • Swot

Before I explain any of the strategies above, I want to kindly remind you of my statement earlier on.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.

Trust me when I tell you Google is my best friend

I’ve searched repeatedly online for a working strategy

But they keep on repeating the same thing

For a strategy to work, you need to apply Grassroot strategy

You need to get out of your comfort zone and see exactly what is happening around you.

Drop your pride, beauty, heels, just drop them all for a while and go to the grassroots

You can’t get product knowledge from google

Identify the fact that the market has need

Don’t lunch when you’re not ready for the market or the market is not ready for you

Localize the global strategy

New strategy that is trending is carrying people along

The best place to start is your home, if they can’t buy into your idea, you’re not ready.

Avoid vision killers

Identify your strength weakness, opportunities, and targets(swot)

Who where when why how should be a question you don’t stop answering

Did you hear about the Nigerian lady who went to prepare Moi-Moi in the white house?

She got there through word of mouth, it started when she prepared this really nice moi-moi for her husband’s visitor

She prepared moi-moi for him, he loved it so much and asked if he could pay for her to make a certain amount for him

From there he told someone, they tried it and told another person, the chained continued until she landed in the white house.

Power of word of mouth

Do you know no one knows and can tell your story better than you

They might spice it up but it’s still yours.

I would continue to write more about this and go in-depth on how to make your strategy work perfectly, just keep on visiting my blog and learning more from precious media.

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AdWords is an online google platform where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements.

Google Advertisement popularly known as google ads Or AdWords is an online advertising platform developed by Google, where advertisers pay to display brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.


  • Search ads(Sem)
  • Video ad(youtube ad)
  • Display ad and responsive ad

Google Adwords goals


let’s talk about how to run a brand awareness ad because when you can do that the rest of them should be a piece of cake.

Steps to run a brand awareness advert on google

Click on brand awareness then you can click on display afterward click on continue

Put in your business website and click on continue

Campaign name can be any name you want, just to help you differentiate between the adverts you are running

Choose the locations you want to see your advertisement

you can target based on the people staying in that area, or the ones who often visit there or the ones who search for the location.

The language you should put is English if your advert and the people you’re targeting speaks English

you can bid based on impressions if you want

Then your budget should be how much you want google to spend in a day.

schedule the time you want the advertisement to run

add the start and end date

allow Google to optimize how frequent your advert would show

Target your audience based on who you feel they are

Target based on their age, gender, and parental status

click on content targeting to target based on keyword topic and placement

target with related and nonrelated keywords

related topics

Then set a bid lower than your daily budget

upload an image for your advert with the supported sizes blelow

Google supported sizes

Supported sizes and formats

closeFile types

Ad sizes

Square and rectangle200 × 200Small square240 × 400Vertical rectangle250 × 250Square250 × 360Triple widescreen300 × 250Inline rectangle336 × 280Large rectangle580 × 400NetboardLeaderboard468 × 60Banner728 × 90Leaderboard930 × 180Top banner970 × 90Large leaderboard970 × 250Billboard980 × 120Panorama
Skyscraper120 × 600Skyscraper160 × 600Wide skyscraper300 × 600Half-page300 × 1050PortraitMobile300 × 50Mobile banner320 × 50Mobile banner320 × 100Large mobile banner
ResponsiveResponsive HTML5 ad sizes are determined by the space available.

You can now create your advert and add your billing

social media marketing

Social media marketing

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Social media advertising and marketing is the usage of social media platforms and websites to sell products or services.


 It‟s less difficult than ever to attain thousands of human beings to sell your event.

 You can target your advertising by age, gender, area, and interests.

 Social media is measurable so that you can tune how you spend.

 It is simple to broaden custom messages for unique structures.

 You can acquire actual-time thoughts, feedback, and evaluations.


 Assuming that due to the fact you’ve got personal social media bills you’re a “social media expert”.

Trying to do or say too much to your posts.

Sending out established messages, instead of target market-unique content material. You need to have a considered technique.

Focusing too much on your competition.

Not engaging with the target market in a timely manner, or maybe worse – now not engaging in any respect.

Drowning your target audience’s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make certain they are delivering the specified results.


 Assuming that due to the fact you have personal social media money owed you’re a “social media expert”. Trying to do or say too much for your posts.

Sending out universal messaging as opposed to audience-unique content material. You want to have a take into consideration approach.

Focusing an excessive amount of to your competitors.

Not attractive with the target audience in a well-timed manner, or even worse – no longer attractive in any respect. Drowning your audience‟s feed with too many posts.

Not tracking, monitoring or measuring your social media posts. You want to make sure they’re turning in the desired outcomes.


1. Set your Smart dreams & goals.

2. Identify your audience.

3. Conduct a social media audit.

4. Conduct a competitor audit.

5. Conduct marketplace evaluation.

6. Decide which social media platforms are proper for you.

7. Identify sponsor and partner leverage opportunities.

8. Develop your content material.

9. Implement your social media method.

10. Monitor interest and evaluate.


To set your goals and goals you need to apply the Smart approach.

 Specific.

 Measurable.

 Achievable.

 Relevant.

 Timely







Facebook is currently the biggest and most powerful social media channel available. With over 1.4 billion active users international it offers multiple approaches to marketplace your occasion immediately in your target market. In 2015 it turned into suggested by way of Facebook that over 1.9 million New Zealanders had been using Facebook on average, 14 times in step with day, each day. Imagine what this could suggest to your occasion


Facebook gives many approaches to marketplace your occasion:

TARGETING is the approach of figuring out the location of an internet site visitor and turning in exclusive content to that visitor based on his or her location, including the united states of America, location/country, town, postcode, company, IP address, ISP or other criteria. Targeted Advertising Targeted Facebook marketing lets in you to geotarget your occasion advertising.

Sponsored/Boosted Posts

Organic reach is the total number of specific folks who have been shown your publish through unpaid distribution. Paid to attain is the entire range of specific folks that were shown you submit as a result of ads. Total attain is the number of precise folks who saw your posts, regardless of wherein they saw it. If your publish reaches someone organically and through an ad, that man or woman may be included in natural reach, paid to attain and overall attain.

Audience Network

Audience Network By Facebook is a program through Facebook that lets publishers monetize their content. They can generate sales on either an in keeping with-click on or in keeping with-affect foundation. It helps you to monetize your Mobile Application, Website, Videos Across Platform


Facebook Promotions are a super way to spread the word approximately your occasion, create hype and develop your Facebook following right away. To run a promoting you need to first of all steady an amazing prize in an effort to attraction to your target audience


Instagram is an amusing and fast way to share facts about your event via a chain of pics. There is a choice of filters available and it’s far first-rate easy to apply. Instagram is owned by way of Facebook meaning you could now streamline your advertisements and posts to routinely publish on both platforms. If used properly, Instagram may be a completely cost-effective and innovative manner to market your events.


 Photo advertisements:- can help you share your message through a picture that is sponsored to reveal in fans‟ newsfeeds.

 Carousel:- These are an extension of photo classified ads allowing you to upload more than one pics that users can see by using swiping the display screen.•

 Video carousel:- Recently Instagram has brought a feature that permits you to publish video ads. This method that as an event organizer you could now proportion a combination of three to 5 static photographs and video as an advertisement for your occasion.

 Dynamic advertisements (additionally referred to as dynamic creatives or dynamic banners) are banners that routinely exchange so one can adapt content material and promotions, particularly to every person, ensuring that every person is exposed to the most effective innovative for her or him.


LinkedIn is the sector’s largest professional network with over 400 million specialists on it. It offers you the possibility to have self-provider advertising or managed campaigns. This is a fantastic social media device if your audience is professionals.

Marketing Options

 Status replaces On LinkedIn, you could put up a private replace for your connections. This is first-rate to promote your event. You may even link immediately to your website for visitors to get greater data.  Sponsored content This is while you pay to reinforce your content material so it’s miles seen by greater specialists. It is available on desktop, smartphone, and pill and is an extremely good manner to make certain your occasion is seen by means of greater humans.

 Display advertisements Display commercials are general digital advertisements that show on the LinkedIn community. They are ideal for brand awareness to hold your occasion pinnacle of thoughts

 Direct message You can ship three kinds of direct messages on LinkedIn:

I. In Mail: – This allows you to craft an email this is sent without delay to your selected audience‟s LinkedIn inbox. To ship an InMail you need credits (which come with top rate bills). Alternatively, you should purchase those ones by one.

II. First-tier connection message:- If you’re related to a person on LinkedIn you can send free direct messages to them. You can also send a message to as much as 50 connections at one time by way of typing their call in the “send to‟ discipline.

III.Group message: – If you proportion a set with a person you may ship them an unfastened, direct message via honestly locating them (individuals tab) inside the group and clicking at the “send message‟ link.


Youtube Is The Biggest Video Platform In The World and the Second Largest Search Engine With Billions Of People Logging On Every Day To Discover, Watch And Share Videos. Therefore, It Is A High Possibility That Your Prospective Attendees Are Searching For Videos Related To Your Event (Or Your Type Of Event) Before Making Up Their Mind About Purchasing A Ticket.


With over 310 million active month-to-month users, and 1 billion precise visits a month Twitter is a very popular provider for buddies, own family, and coworkers to communicate and live connected. Twitter is all about the change of brief, frequent messages. It is set the “now” and approximately sharing topical data quickly. Tweets may be as much as a hundred and forty characters and may consist of pics, movies or hyperlinks. Twitter stated in 2017 that on average there had been 500 million tweets in line with day internationally.

Promoted Accounts:- When you first launch your Twitter account you won‟t have any followers. By selling your account it will be cautioned to people who may additionally locate it exciting.

Promoted Tweets:- A promoted Tweet is when you pay to promote a Tweet to attain a much wider institution of users. Although they may be categorized as “promoted” in the newsfeed of fans, it guarantees that extra fans see your event message.

Timeline Ads Recently:- Twitter added the capacity for human beings to run commercials in timelines. Previously you can handiest run commercials on the equal web page, no longer inside the timeline itself. You can select the theme and shades of your advertisements so they combine extra organically on the user‟s timelines.

Twitter Polls:- Twitter Polls is a highly new characteristic that lets in to effortlessly create your own ballot and spot the outcomes right away.

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Earlier this evening, we were given the task of finding bugs on a particular website at Timbu
After accessing http://www.timbu.com The first bug that i found was in the carousel, the carousel has four pages but only three are scrollable, view the screenshot below.

The fix is to either add a fourth page or remove the fourth indicator icon.


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It has been almost a year since the first of the TECNO Spark series was released in Nigeria and from leaked images and rumours all over the internet, it seems the launch of another Spark device is imminent.

If the above image is real, the next TECNO Spark is mesmerizingly beautiful. Yep, TECNO has totally made away with ugly looking smartphones, and we believe the next Spark smartphone won’t deviate from TECNO’s new design language.
Next TECNO SPARK will flaunt a Mix Flash 2.0 (Front Dual Flash + Mix Filling Light + Rear Three-ring Flash). Ok, this one is worth the wait, I mean, mix camera flash is expected-this may not be something so new but- the three- ring-flash at the back will be the coolest feature of the upcoming device. Spark lovers can expect to see a new smartphone from TECNO with highly optimized cameras for selfies and group
pictures but I guess we should wait and see as only time will tell. From the numerous leaks all over the internet, it is certain TECNO will be releasing its latest SPARK in the month of June and the device is looking right for a market increasingly demanding for camera centric devices. Now back to the 1-million-dollar question, how much will the Next TECNO Spark go for?. i personally hope it will be affordable.
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How to Unlock An Android Phone with Google account

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how to unlock an android phone with gmail precious media

How to Unlock An Android Phone with Google account.

I briefly want to explain how to unlock an android phone with gmail.

Did you lock your Android Phone accidentally or you forgotten your android device password or pattern?  

Don’t worry today, i’m going to teach you how to unlock your android with a google account.

Everyone using an Android device links their device with a Google Account to take advantage of many Google and Android device benefits like Gmail, Google Play Store and others.

If you have linked your device

with any of your Google account then you can unlock your android device by using that account.

steps on how to unlock your phone

Get access by Using Forget Password/ Forget Pattern Link by entering a wrong password or pattern repeatedly.

After few wrong attempts, below or above you would find  “Forget Password” or “Forget pattern” option depending on what you set, if you set password then you will get a “forget password link” and if you set pattern then you will get a “forget pattern link”. You can then access your device via that link.

how to do this:

1. Type the wrong password or pattern back on back till you can get the forget link.

2. Once you get the Forget Pattern or Forget Password Link, tap on it to go towards the account Unlock page.

3. Now enter your Linked Gmail Account Details correctly to get access to your android device.

One more thing to be noted is you may likely need Data for some devices.

So just scroll the upper menu and switch On the Data Network.

If you still can’t get access to your device in such case use the 2-step Google verification method to unlock your Android device.

How to Unlock Android Device with 2-step Verification Method

 2-step verification helps recognize you each and every time you login to your account.

Whenever you need to login every time after filling the ID and Password you need to give a unique code which will be received through text message or through voice call on the mobile number which is linked to your Google account. 

To use 2-step verification method you have to enable it on your Google account.

If you are using 2-step verification method then its good. But if you are not using that then you have to enable it first.

For that you have to go Google account setting on your PC and go to Sign-in & Security option, from there you can enable it.

After enabling 2-step verification on your Google account.

When you enter your Gmail Id and Password in Forget Password/ Forget Pattern link you will have to enter the unique code which you get through message or voice call.

Now you would be able to get access to your device.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Google Account

This is the final method to use If you can’t remember your password or pattern of your android handset.

 For this method you need another android handset or any laptop in which you can access your Google account using Chrome web browser.

One thing is to be noted is that by using this method you can get access to your android handset but you will lose every data from your phone because that’s just how it works.

1. Firstly bring an android phone or any laptop and Open your Google account in Chrome browser.

2. Login your same Google Account which you have login in your handset.

3. Go to Find My Device Click on the link and Login to your same Google account which you have login in your android device.

4. Now click on reset and unlock.

Your smartphone will be factory reset and get unlocked, now you can set your smartphone for new use.

For this method, the Data service of your smartphone should be On because that’s the only way this method works. You can easily switch on

your data by pulling down your notification panel and clicking on the data icon to switch it on.


This might be helpful for you to get out from your problems regarding those issues which are related to this. If you have any problem regarding this or any query then we are here to help you.

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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images and Videos

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Today everyone is familiar with WhatsApp, this is one of the best instant messaging apps which provides us a platform to communicate with our loved ones using text messages, voice messages, images, video, files, GIF’s and much more. Sometimes we accidentally or by mistake lose or delete some WhatsApp files like images and videos or any voice message and we need that file urgently at any cost. So if you are in search of solution by which you can recover deleted WhatsApp images and videos then read this web-tutorial carefully and you will be able to recover deleted WhatsApp
images and videos on your android device.
Recovering the deleted data of WhatsApp is not too hard, its quite simple,as an app installation from play store will do the trick. A huge number of WhatsApp users don’t know that the WhatsApp takes backup of all shared stuff whether it is a text message or any image, video, voice message or any GIFs once in every 24 hours and keeps the backup files. Here we will see some
easy ways to restore deleted WhatsApp images or videos just read on carefully and take benefit from our work.

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Images, Videos, Files, Voice Message

Method 1:- As mentioned above that WhatsApp backs up all the files once in every 24 hours. 

Method 1 is the simplest and easiest ways to recover deleted WhatsApp images, videos and other files. All you need is to just simply uninstall the
WhatsApp app and then again install it back from Play Store. This will use the all backup files and restore whatever it can be and by doing this you can recover deleted WhatsApp images and videos .

Method 2:- This method is also as simple as the method 1 was, you just need to have a file manager app in your android smartphone. You just have to create a manual backup of your recent chat. This can be done through whatsapp Menu. Go to
Setting >> Chat and Call >> Backup Chats/ Chat Backup. This will save the data as a file named as “megastore.db.crypt123” in your SD card whatsapp >> Database folder. Just rename the file and save the generated file as “megastore.db.crypt123.newchat”
After doing this just Follow the given steps to start Recovering your Lost WhatsApp Data First Uninstall the Whastapp
Locate the Backup file you want to restore in SDcard/Whatsapp/Database Rename it from megastore-yyyy-mm-dd.crypt123 to
“megastore.db.crypt123” Now reinstall the whatsapp from Playstore Chose the Restore when prompt The backup file megastore.db.crypt123 will restore your all
your deleted whatsapp data such as images videos, messages and files. Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images and Videos via using
Third Party App 

Undeleter App (Root Required) :- Using this app you can easily and rapidly recover all the deleted whatsapp images, videos, message and files from android. Also you can recover deleted messages, images, videos and call history from your android device. you just need to download this app from playstore but you need to root your device to perform the data recovery process with this app.
How to recover WhatsApp images and videos using Undeleter app
First Download and install Undeleter Restore Files and Date app from Google Play store.
Run the app and refresh the list to populate the screen. once the screen gets populated. Select the folder which contains whatsapp chat, images, videos, files etc. After choosing tap on ‘Check Device’ Next screen will show up the latest erased records, when
you see the deleted whatsapp items simply select them and tap on save. That’s it.

iMobie :- this is one of the best data recovery software which can recover any type of data, this recovery tool can provides
an easiest way to retrieve your lost data from your android device. by using this you can also restore deleted whatsapp images and videos as well. How to recover whatsapp deleted images and videos using iMobie First download and install iMobie on your PC or Laptop.
Open it and connect your android smartphone to your computer or laptop using the USB cable. When its connected select whatsapp option by selecting the
type of files you want to recover. Select the whatsapp messages , images, videos you want to recover. You have two option their device button and computer button. Click on device button if you want to recover them to whatsapp on your device directly for instant
use or you can also click on computer button to save that file on your computer.
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Mobile USSD codes for Banks in Nigeria

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As technology evolves, the financial sector is not left behind, Several softwares have been developed to make banking easier and faster. One of such is the USSD code for mobile phones, USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data and is a service which allows you pay your bills and do other
transactions by simply dialing a short code on your phone,

USSD codes are also called Quick Codes .
Almost all banks in Nigeria now have their special USSD codes for mobile money transactions such as:Buying airtime, Account Opening, Balance Inquiry/Checking, Money transfer to
same bank and other banks, Cash-on-the-go, etc. The service is similar to internet banking except that it does not use internet access so when a person does not have
access to the internet, he/she can still use USSD codes for banking transactions.
You can only use the particular SIM card or mobile line you used to open your account with to do USSD transactions. If you lose that line and don’t plan to do welcome back, simple go to the bank and change your mobile number and you’re good to go.
All USSD transactions require a PIN code which serves as your security against fraudsters and other bad people. You will be
required to set the PIN code(either 4 or 5 digits) the first time you try to do a USSD transaction.

*Please note that for most Nigerian banks, you will not be able to perform USSD transactions except you have at least 10
Naira on the mobile line you registered your bank account with so if you are not able to do a transaction (You will usually get
a “Not Available” error), check your account balance and recharge your line.
USSD code mobile money transfer service is fast, secure and convenient. Find below the list of all USSD codes for mobile money transfer for all Nigerian banks which offer USSD service currently.
List of Mobile Banking USSD Codes for All Banks in Nigeria
Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) USSD Code for Money Transfer
Guaranty Trust Bank is the leading bank in Nigeria in terms of electronic banking. They were one of the first to introduce USSD banking, GTBank’s USSD code is *737#. The minimum transfer limit is 1,000 Naira and a daily transfer limit of *20,000 Naira*.
To transfer money from your GTBank account to another GTBank account, just dial *737*1*Amount*Recipient’s GTB
Account Number# for example *737*1*5000*0123456789# To transfer money from your GTBank account to another Bank, use *737*2*Amount*Other Bank Account Number e.g. First Bank# for example *737*2*10000*0123456789#.
Fidelity Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Fidelity Bank USSD code is *770# and the maximum transfer allowed per day is 20,000 Naira. Fidelity Bank USSD money transfer code to other banks is *770*Recipient’s Account Number*Amount# for example,
*770*0123456789*5000#. First Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer First bank is one of the best Nigerian banks for electronic
banking services. First Bank’s USSD code is *894#. To transfer money, dial *894#, a list of options will appear including Transfer money, Withdraw money and Make purchases, pay bills, buy airtime and manage account. To make transfer, type 1 and send. Simply follow the instructions after and make your transfer. Wema Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Wema Bank is relatively new to USSD banking but they offer a good USSD service. Wema Bank USSD code is *945#. To transfer money with Wema Bank, simply dial *945# A list of options will appear including Open Account, My Balance, Send Money, Buy Airtime and Cash-on-the-go, Pay Bills, Change PIN, Change Account, Link BVN, Card Control,
Pay with Mobile, Receive Western Union and Generate OTP. Reply with “3” which is for transfer, you will then be asked to choose whether it is to a Wema Bank Account or other banks. Reply with the corresponding number and simply keep on following the on-screen instructions. Skye Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Skye Bank’s USSD mobile code is *833# and to transfer, all
you need to do is dial *833# from your mobile phone and follow the instructions.
Sterling Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Sterling Bank’s USSD mobile banking code is *822#. To perform a transfer, simply dial *822# and follow the
instructions however every time you use the Sterling BankUSSD service, Five Naira will be deducted from your line.
Diamond Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Diamond Bank USSD code has been on the mobile money scene for a while and their USSD code is *710#. To transfer money to any bank, simply dial
*710*777*Recipient’s Account Number*Amount*PIN# for Y’ello Account Holders For Diamond Bank to Diamond Bank account money transfers, dial *710*710*Account Number*Amount*PIN#
Ecobank USSD Code for Money Transfer
Ecobank’s Mobile USSD code is *326# and it has instant transfers, account balance, bill payments, mini-account statements and airtime purchase features. To transfer money from your Ecobank account, dial *326# and follow the on-screen instructions.
Zenith Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer
Zenith Bank’s Mobile Banking USSD code is *966# and it gives you access to open an account, check account balance, load recharge cards and transfer money. To transfer money from your Zenith Bank account to another, dial *966*Amount*Recipient’s Account Number#
and follow the instructions on the screen.

First City Monument Bank (FCMB) USSD Code for Money Transfer FCMB’s mobile USSD code is *389*214#. To use the FCMB
USSD service, you have to visit any FCMB branch or call their customer care on 01-2798800 to get your PIN. To transfer money or do any other transaction after getting
your PIN, simply dial *389*214# and follow the on screen instructions.
Unity Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer
Unity Bank’s Mobile USSD mobile code is *389*215# and to transfer money, just dial *389*215# and follow the on screen prompts.
UBA USSD Code for Money Transfer
UBA’s mobile USSD code is *919#, dial it and follow the on-screen instructions that follow.
Union Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer
Union Bank mobile USSD transfer code is *389*032#, dial and follow the screen prompts to complete your transaction.
Heritage Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer The USSD code for transfer for Heritage Bank is *322*030# Keystone Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Keystone Bank mobile USSD code for transfer is *322*082# 

Access Bank USSD Code for Money Transfer Access Bank’s USSD code for mobile money transfer is *901#,
Simply dial and follow the instructions thereafter.

Stanbic IBTC Mobile USSD Code for Money Transfer Stanbic IBTC USSD code for money transfer is *909#

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Mini militia is that game that everyone just can’t seem to stop playing,even though it looks unimpressive and here is why.
   While Mini Militia is unassuming at a glance, this game is fun.It brings out the competitiveness of friends and family, making it a hit among school aged children. The weapons, graphics, and overall gameplay makes this a great game and the online experience impressive.
Excellent Multiplayer
No in app downloads necessary
Free with in app purchases
Profile is stored on your Google account
Average single player mode
No story mode
Not available in some regions
Some maps are not conductive for play and are ignored
Too many weapons are for paid app only
In game hacks are too easy to get
Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia is the sequel to the original Doodle Army game that has proven to be popular whole wide. Lets
look at the popular yet underrated game that can become addictive, fun and downright competitive.
The Basics
Platform: Android (3.0 and up) iOS (6.0 and up)
Developer: Appinsomniacs
Type: Shooting
Difficulty: Moderate (Some strategy required)
The Graphics of this game are nothing to shout about, however the beauty of this games lies not in the graphics. The graphics of this game are, 2.5 D at best, with a little of gore when being shot and killed (the avatar breaks to pieces). Explosions and gas traps are not really impressive but they are not bad either. Overall the graphics of the game,
separately, is not impressive as other titles, but combined with the rest of the game, you wouldn’t have any complaints.
Mini Militia features a host of modern day as well as futuristic
guns and grenades. There is also the ability to wield dual
guns but not all can be use this way. Players have a limit of
two weapons at all times and three grenades. Some weapons
are only available to paid players as well as duals, though all
weapons are available in LAN play.
A list of weapons present in the latest version:
Desert Eagle | Uzi | Magnum | MP5 | Ak-47 | M4 | M-14 | Shot
Gun | M93BA (Sniper) | PHASR | Flame Thrower |
Fragmentation Grenade | Proximity Grenade | Gas Grenade |
EMP | Machete | Saw Gun | SWAM (Bazooka) | Shield
Power Ups
No game would be fun without a bit of help and Mini Militia is no different. Power ups can be found throughout the map on multiplayer mode whether LAN or WiFi and are readily found. No power ups are available in single player mode. Here is a
list of Power-ups available: Rocket Booster- for longer flights
Health Restore
Extra grenade
Game Play
While the single player is a bit disappointing, Mini Militia has outdone itself on the multiplayer aspect. 
The single player
consist of a tutorial on basic controls and the likes and involves shooting robots to get a high score. But the multiplayer is where Mini Militia shines. In LAN play, a total of
six (6) players can play at once through mobile hotspot. Here you can choose any weapons you want and you can use duals as well. The player with the most kills wins. The same rules apply for online play, but you gain points which you can use in the store to purchase upgrades such as more grenades,
etc. In addition, there are two points system, one for skills which is dependent on how much deaths you average per game, and rankings – which you gain points for each kill you earn. A record is kept of your death/kill ratio as well so you can compare with friends.

REVIEW: Tecno Camon X Pro Unboxing, Reviews And Price

150 150 Precious Media

The rumors and wait is now over as Tecno has finally Lunched the Camon X and Camon X pro along side with the Tecno F1 and Tecno F2. The event was held in Lagos where every single part of these phones were reviewed the event took 2hours 30mnutes. So many people were at the event including Odunlade Adekola It was an
awesome event I must say. The Camon X Pro Features a 6-inch HD+ screen with a full view display and a 2.5D Curved glass on top. It is powered by a 2.0GHz Octa-Core processor and a 4GB RAM, With 64GB Internal storage and ROM which also support SDcard. The internal storage is a massive upgrade on all other previously released Camon devices. All Camon devices are camera-centric and it’s no surprise the
X Pro has a 24MP front camera with dual flash popower with AI beautification , that’s why this phone is called the selfie phone and a 16MP rear camera, I’m not that happy about the back camera mega pixel and I’m sure many felt the same. The Camon X pro is powered by Android 8.1 Oreo ( Go Edition) which is one of the latest OS released by Google. This phone security features a fingerprint sensor and Face ID. The face ID works same as the iphone X which I’m so happy about, never knew Tecno would release a phone that will feature it this year. Other sensors include G- Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, E-Compass, So amazing. The phone also house a Li – polymer 3750mAh battery with fast charging. 

Key specifications
6.0 inch FHD+ 2.5D display
Android 8.1 Oreo
2.0GHz Octa-Core, Mediatek Helio P23
16MP back camera with Ring Flash
24MP front with Dual Flash
Fingerprint sensor, Face ID
Li-polymer 3750mAh battery
 This device is TECNO’s first smartphone to run on Android Oreo 8.1 based on HIOS v3.3.0 giving them a completely new UI from any other TECNO
devices This is an awesome product from Tecno. And the one every one has been waiting for is the price, the Camon X pro price in Nigeria is N65,000. This might vary due to location. Feel free to comment below you opinions about the Tecno Camon X pro