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The topic of converting airtime to cash is something everyone would be interested in,i know i am.and here is one way (out of many) to go about it.

An app has been unveiled for Nigerians that will enable them convert their airtime to cash and is called Aimtoget Transact. The app also lets you purchase airtime of any network, Data plans at cheaper rates, Transfer cash within users and withdraw your funds to any local Nigerian bank.

Your transactions are done in a secure environment and even the login has a fingerprint for faster authentication sign in.

Aimtoget Transact is the first mobile app that allows converting of airtime to cash and withdrawing the cash from your bank will take no time.

How to convert Airtime to Cash using Aimtoget Transact App

Install Aimtoget Transact mobile app from playstore and register an account or sign in, if you already have an account.Now, to fund your wallet, under FUND: Select “AIRTIME” as fund method and enter the amount of airtime to transfer to the number.

Input and confirm the number you are transferring too in the next page.

Your wallet will be credited immediately and you can refresh your dashboard to see it.You can also make withdrawal from your bank account or purchase airtime after successful funding of your wallet. Go to “Withdraw” and input the required details and that’s all to receive your alert. If any issue occurs, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

You can also share your wallet funds to users on Aimtoget Transact mobile app. At the bottom, you can also top up your line.

Note that you cannot empty your wallet when withdrawing funds. At least, N100 can be left. And also note that 25% is the charges for wallet funding.

that’s it try this app,don’t forget to like share and comment on this post.


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have you ever wanted to download an app from Google play store but finding it difficult because of the price attached to it and you can’t afford that kind of amount, so bye to that because your problems are now solved!

Today am gonna be sharing with y’all a modded version of the famous Google play store app called the “playstore pro” which you can use to download paid versions of game’s, apps, and lots more.
This new app is gonna be updated from time to time, to keep you guys with the latest happenings around the playstore app, apps powered by acemarket.


Download paid apps for free
Inbuilt self update feature – so you don’t have to worry about updating it Everytime, but if it doesn’t work then you can update it by yourself
Inbuilt download manager
Support pause and resume

Download All Paid Apps, Games And Lots More With The New Playstore Pro Apk

Download link >> Download Playstore Pro Modded.apk

Note: Evey paid app on the Google playstore isn’t available yet on this version,ownload Playstore Pro Modded.apk

download Playstore Pro Modded.apk

i’ll keep you updated on new updates on the app.

So what are you waiting for? Download and flex it, you can also show some love by liking and sharing this post with friends, families and enemies..lol

Enjoy, and have a wonderful day


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good news to you all who use the free Facebook mode on your devices for Facebook, we all know the freebasics can you be used on Sims respectively like Airtel and 9mobile without data but one of the annoying thing about it, is that it doesn’t load pictures while using it true this freebasics has really helped Alot of Nigerians who are out for data to still be able to access some favorite site’s and Facebook too without the data usage been worried over on.

So today am going to be showing you guys how to view photos on your free Facebook mode which is – freebasics this is gonna be made possible with an app called Facebook lite app you can download yours via the Google play store or here

Things you are gonna be needing

*An Airtel or 9mobile Sim

*An Android devices only

*The Facebook lite app

*A good 3G or 4G network

*After downloading and installing the app via the link

Then use it for about a minute or two

Switch off your data

Now the important part – go-to your phone settings, locate the Facebook lite app click on it, Then clear cache and data of the app – Facebook lite

Now switch on your data and launch the app

Enter your login details and ride on.

After putting your login details you are going to experience some difficulties trying to login, but don’t worry all you got to do is close the app and open it again, now it’s gonna be logged in this time around.

But the difference here is that it’s gonna be in data mode and not free mode just wait for sometime and when the photos now start loading in data mode that means it’s gonna also load in free mode

Note: you can now view all photos in free mode but you can’t watch videos on this mode too with this trick

try it out on your Airtel and 9mobile sim cards


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2d is fading way and the world is being dominated by 3d,3d is being used in a wide range of areas,VIRTUAL REALITY,3D PRINTING,CGI GRAPHICS(in movies),ANIMATION FILMS,etcetera

for those interested in making 3d art or animations,the quest for affordable 3d software is quite difficult.
most 3d softwares have to be purchased before they can be utilized,examples are
*3ds max

but i am pleased to present to you blender,the free opensource 3d creation suite.
i have used blender and i am quite pleased with it.
with blender you can put your artistic abilities to use,and the best part is that it is completely free of charge.
to download blender click the following link

here are a few things i created using this software

i made these,and i’m not even an artist.so for anyone thinking of learning 3d,blender is a great place to start your journey.

How To BlockPhone Numbers On Android,ios andwindows Phones

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Calls like all things in life are either good or bad,good if they are from people you like and bad if they are from…say advert agencies,scammers,or people who can’t take a hint,this is how to keep your device free from these troubles.


Every Android phone usually has its
own way of blocking people. For
example, on HTC, you can choose a
number from your call history and
block it by tapping it and selecting
‘Block Caller/Contact’. If you have an
LG, you can find the Call Reject
section in the Settings menu.
Regardless of your phone model, you
can block a phone number on any
Android phone. If you are using a
phone that operates on Marshmallow
and above (Android 6.0+), here is
what you need to do:
1. Open your Recents (Recent
calls) list.
2. Tap on a number you want to
3. Tap the Block icon.
4. When prompted with ‘Block
calls and messages from this
number?’, choose OK.
If your phone is running on Lollipop
or lower (up to Android 5.0), you can
go to Call settings, then choose Call
Rejection and then Auto Reject list.
There, you can add as many numbers
as you want to never hear from them


If you want to block a random person
you do not know, perform the
following steps:
1. Open the Phone app and choose
the Recents list.
2. Find the number you want to
block and click the Information
icon (the I in the corner).
3. Scroll all the way down until
you find the Block this Caller
4. Block the number to never be
bothered again.
If you want to block someone who is
already in your Contact list, do this
1. Open the Settings and navigate
to Phone.
2. In Phone menu, choose Call
Blocking & Identification.
3. There, you will be able to
choose the number from your
contact list and block it.
See? Easy!
If you block a person, they will not be
able to call you, send you texts or
FaceTime you.

This would probably be the shortest
instruction in this article. It is very
easy to block someone on a Windows
phone. You just have to go to the
Phone app, choose the number you
want to block, hold it down and
choose Block from the options that
If you somehow cannot do that, you
might need to activate the blocking
function first. For that, go to Settings,
then choose Call+SMS Filter and
switch the option to Block Calls to On.
After that, you should be able to block
calls without any problems.
Now if you are ever wondering ‘How
to block a number from calling me?’,
come back to this article and find the
answer. I hope it has been helpful,
and that you are no longer pestered
with unwanted calls.


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Lets get to it then
Below Is a compilation of few out of thousands
programming languages and what they are use for..
1. PHP – Hyper Preccessor Is believed to be the
most popular languages used for creating web
based apps i.e Website,Content Management
Scripts (e.g WordPress) , Forum Scripts like
PhpBB Are all powered By PHP. So if you know
what you want to do as a programmer is web
development and you have master the basics
(HTML, CSS and JavaScript) , you can go ahead
and start learning PHP.
Uses – Creating Dynamic Web Based Applications.
2. Python – What A weird name for a Powerful
programming languages , Python is with no doubt
taking the place of PHP in the web development
world with ability to create but online and offline
based web applications . One thing i will about
python is that its simple and easy to learn .
For Creating Web based Applications.
For Creating Mobile Applications.
3. Objective-C – The primary programming
language for iOS apps, Objective-C is used to
build apps that are robust and scalable.
Uses – For Creating iOS based applications.
4. Swift – Swift is another great language for iOS
apps developers, Swift is an advancement of the
objective-c language designed to eliminate some
flaws in the objective-c language.
Uses – For creating iOS applications.
5. C++ – This is the most used and appropriate
programming language when it comes to building
mobile apps for Android and Windows- and,
mainly for low-level programming.
For Building Android Mobile Applications
For Building Windows Applications
6. C# – Main Programming Language for Microsoft
, Just like objective-c and swift dedicated to Apple
iOS based apps C# is the ideal programming
language for Microsoft Mobile Apps Developers..
Uses – For Building Microsoft Mobile Apps
7. Java – Java programming language is one of the
most preferred languages when it comes to
Android app development. Java can be run in two
different ways: either in a browser , or in a virtual
machine that can do without a browser.
Uses – For Building Andriod Apps
8. Visual Basic .NET – VB.NET is another great
programming language , easy to learn and the
basic of desktop application development .
Uses – For Creating Desktop Applications.

How To Use WhatsApp For Free With 9Mobile Via OfficeVPN

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This thread shows you how to use WhatsApp for free with your 9Mobile
SIM via Office VPN app on Android devices. In
other words, you can now chat on whatsapp
without paying a dime, without subscription and
without having airtime on your 9Mobile SIM
for you to use whatsapp, you need to
have airtime on your SIM or you have to
subscribe to a WhatsApp data plan but with the
help of a virtual private network app called
Office VPN , you can use whatsapp without data
or airtime on your phone.
This free whatsapp trick is exclusively for users
on 9mobile network. Recall 9Mobile is the new
name for Etisalat Nigeria, so don’t get it twisted.
If you have an Etisalat line, you are good to go.
The app is very easy to use. It works by
automatically detecting the best location for your
virtual IP and hook you up to the best server.
You don’t need any special settings or manual
configurations in order to use it. Just download
the app, install and tap on the GO button and
you will be connected.
Your 9Mobile SIM (Etisalat NG SIM) with
0.00kb balance preferably
 Your Android Phone or tablet
 A stable 9Mobile 3G network
 The VPN. You can download office VPN here
 Finally, make sure whatsapp is
installed on your Android device.
1. Download and install Office VPN from the link
2. Launch the VPN app
3. Make sure your data connection is enabled
4. Tap on GO and wait for it to connect. (It’ll
automatically select a better performing server
and connect you to it, depending on your
5. When it’s connected, you can now use
WhatsApp Messenger for free.
NOTE: When connected to Office VPN, you will
have just about 39minutes and after that, it will
disconnect but to increase the minutes to hours
and even more hours, you need to click on “get
more time”. An advert will pop up then you will
get more connection time. This is the trick used
by the developers of the app to get more ads
Also don’t forget that you can use Facebook for
free with your 9Mobile line via Facebook free
basic .
This trick works only on whatsapp but if you are
lucky, you can enjoy unlimited free browsing with
office vpn via opera mini though it’s very very
slow in opening pages and most times, it
doesn’t open web pages at all.
digital marketing

Digital marketing tutorial for beginners

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Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the centered, measurable, and interactive marketing of services or products the use of virtual technologies to attain and convert leads into clients and retain them. The key objective is to promote manufacturers, build preference and boom income through diverse virtual advertising and marketing.

Digital advertising and marketing is also the technique of constructing and maintaining patron relationships through online activities to facilitate the change of ideas, products, and offerings that fulfill the goals of both parties. Virtual advertising doesn’t just need to do with buying and promoting on-line, it is extra than that, it’s far like moving into a critical relationship, you have to be committed to it to allow you to gain your dreams.

The world is now on-line, and that is why you furthermore might have to do most matters online.


One manner to make certain you are located on the web is with an optimized digital advertising method.

Most virtual advertising strategies and campaigns have the following five goals

 Reaching the right target market

 To have interaction together with your audience

 To encourage your audience to take action

 Efficient spending on your campaign

 Return on funding(ROI)


Digital marketing is set producing sales and/or shooting leads from clients that are searching on the net for answers. Here are six commonplace desires that your digital advertising approach can affect:

 Increasing hassle and solution recognition

 Acquiring new leads and customers

 Activating leads and clients

 Monetizing present leads and clients

 Onboarding new leads and customers

 Building community and advocacy

Digital Marketing Terminology you need to know

 Click-Through Rate (CTR)

 Call-To-Action (CTA)

 Conversion Rate

 Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

 Off-Page Optimization

 On-Page Optimization

 Organic Traffic

 Clicks Per Delivered (CPD)

 Clicks Per Open (CPO)

 Open Rate


Website layout (consumer experience)

Search engine optimization (search engine marketing)

Pay in step with click (PPC)

Social media advertising and marketing (SMM)

Email advertising

Display advertising (banner commercials)

Affiliate advertising

Content advertising and marketing

Online popularity management (ORM)

Web Designing – Web layout encompasses many distinct talents and disciplines in the manufacturing and renovation of websites. The one-of-a-kind regions of web design consist of web picture layout; interface design; authoring, which includes standardized code and proprietary software; user revel in design; and search engine optimization.

 Internet Marketing (search engine marketing) – Internet advertising and marketing, or on-line advertising and marketing, refers to advertising and marketing and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to power direct income through digital commerce, further to income leads from Web web sites or emails.

Social Media Marketing – Social Media Marketing is the system of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media advertising and marketing packages typically center on efforts to create content material that attracts interest and encourages readers to share it throughout their social networks.

 Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate advertising is a type of performance-primarily based marketing in which a business rewards one or greater affiliates for each tourist or patron delivered by way of the affiliate’s personal marketing

Why do you suspect human beings go online

For Information On A New Product, Service Or Location

If They Have A Question

If They Are Looking For Help

If They Want More Information On Certain Individuals Or Organizations

Meeting Attendants

Business Contact

General Information (Maybe About You)

New Employee

New Available Jobs

How to begin with digital advertising

Are you truly in communicating your thoughts? Do you consider within the energy of the Internet? Can you believe you studied out of the box? If sure, then you definitely must think of a career in Internet Marketing

Learn search engine optimization as a Professional

Learn how to use high-quality search engine optimization practices to grow your site visitors and thereby your profit. I might teach you internet advertising and marketing guides that offer you extra than 50 distinctive lessons that specify search engine optimization techniques from key-word studies, on-the-web page optimization, link constructing to tracking your rating positions. Each thematic set of instructions ends with a list of recommended assets and checks that grade your fulfillment in analyzing.

Take Advantage of Social Media Marketing

Practice the modern-day techniques of social media advertising to sell your brand and appeal to dependable clients. With our net marketing guides you’ll learn how to use blogs and microblogs at full throttle, see what sort of social media optimization you need, reveal the effectiveness of your social media campaigns.

Start Your Own Professional search engine optimization Company

Having found out the idea and practiced it sufficient, you could need to render net advertising offerings. That is why the final level of internet advertising online courses is devoted to starting and promoting your very own expert search engine optimization corporation. You will learn how to explore the area of interest, increase or adopt a method, manipulate the tasks, promote your business and advertise it online.

If you want to analyze extra about virtual marketing, the whole thing I actually have mentioned above and how to go approximately with digital marketing continually you may view the subsequent put up or observe me on Instagram @lollipoptic

Facebook advertisement


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Facebook advertisement are paid adverts targeted to users based on a customer avatar … After creating an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. Facebook’s most important ad targeting options. Users then see your ads in the sidebar on Facebook.com.

Facebook is split into 3 most important elements:

✓ Personal account (admin)

✓ Page (social media workplace)

✓ Group (on line community)

Campaign Objectives

AWARENESS: an ad for folks that are not aware of their problem and your answer.

CONSIDERATION: ad for folks who are aware of their hassle but are attempting to find extra information on your solution.

CONVERSION: Adverts for folks that are prepared to shop for. That is humans that have diagnosed their problem and are privy to your answer and are inclined to shop for.




Brand arrangement




Video perspectives

Catalogue income


Store traffic


Lead era

App Install

Steps to begin Advertising on Facebook

1. Visit www.Facebook.Com, log on your account


None of the followers will realize the identification of the man or woman managing the fb page.

2. Click on create

three. Click on page. There are styles of pages

i. Business or emblem

ii. Community or public parent

4. Since it is a business web page, select enterprise or logo via clicking on get started

five. Fill in web page call (class, most people use brand)

6. Click on maintain (pass the profile photograph and the duvet page)

Setting up your Business page

Elements of your page:

1. Your profile photo: includes your brand that’s your ID

2. The cover photograph suggests details regarding your page, your unique provide, product and services.

Three. The Button tells the purchaser the movement to take while interested in your product and service

four. Description: (web page information), includes all the information about your business and brand, like description, category, cellphone quantity, e-mail address.

5. Instant message: mechanically sends anchor message in your customers when they ship you a message

6. Page roles: allows you to feature different people as admins of your page

7. Instagram: Allows you to connect, percentage posts, run advertisements to Instagram.

Facebook Campaign Objectives

Engagement gives you likes, stocks, and remarks, video views, direct messages.

Traffic sends people to a touchdown page

Lead era is used to get emails.

App deploy is used to lead people to google to put in your app

Steps to posting to your web page

1. Open your page

2. Go to the compose phase beneath the quilt web page.

3. Click inside the write a publish container

4. Write the content in the container

5. Click on upload photograph/video

6. After uploading image or video, click on share now

Steps to add cash in your Facebook advertisement

1. Go to fb.Com/ads supervisor

2. On the pinnacle left corner click on ad supervisor and choose to bill below all gear/settings

three. Click on billing, then fee settings at the proper hand nook

four. Click on add price method


There are three approaches of including cash on facebook:

i. Normal Facebook cash method

ii. Third-celebration price technique (Naira payment with a master, or Visa card)

iii. Facebook advert coupon

How to installation a visitors advert

1. Visit Facebook.Com/admanager

2. Click on create with the aid of your left-hand side

three. Select your goal

four. Add your campaign name and click on hold

5. Configure your ad set. E.G. Identity, visitors, target audience, placement, finances, and agenda.

6. Move on your ad section, configure your ID if necessary

7. Import images/films or carousel

eight. Add your text, that stays on top the photograph

nine. Add a headline and a link if important

10. Select a button, click on configure to start going for walks your marketing campaign.

That’s all, for now, preserve analyzing our weblog to analyze extra

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How to run an Instagram advertisement

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Instagram bills are divided into; Business and Personal bills. To convert your Instagram account right into a business account, you need a Facebook page.

Steps to converting your Personal account to commercial enterprise and Vice versa:

1. Open an IG account, visit the profile selection

2. Click at the 3 traces at the right corner,

3. Click on settings, click on the account

four. Click on switch to business or private account

five. OR click on more gear.

How to run AD on IG

i. Open Instagram, submit the image or content material to sell

ii. Go to the profile section, click on on the publish, then click on sell

iii. Select the marketing campaign objective

NB: there are 3 forms of campaign goals

· Send customers in your profile

· Send clients on your website

· Customers send you a right away message

After deciding on targets, click on the subsequent button to choose the target audience. There are kinds of targeting:

AUTOMATIC TARGETING: It allows you to target human beings just like your followers.

MANUAL TARGETING: Allows you to create your very own the use of the subsequent: name, vicinity, age, hobby.

After focused on and configuring your target market, click on budget and length, choose your finances and period, click on subsequent and create advertising.

You also can run an Instagram advert from facebook, which is lots greater effective, in case you’ve read my previous submit on how to run facebook commercial it has to be easy for you however in case you have not to study it, let me surely train you a way to run an Instagram advert from Fb.

How to an Instagram advert from facebook

First of all you have to make sure Facebook is related to your Instagram

subsequent go to www.Fb.Com/advertisements

click on create an ad

pick out your objective


Engagement offers you likes, stocks, and feedback, video views, direct messages.

Traffic sends humans to a landing web page

Lead generation is used to get emails.

App set up is used to guide human beings to google to install your app

when you’re completed you can, in reality, fill the shape the manner you want, they may be easy questions you simply want to reply

At the placements segment, you may select Edit Placements and select Instagram to have your commercials seem on Instagram. If you select Automatic Placements, your ad will run across a lot of Facebook Placements, which includes Instagram, to provide you the first-class fee to your ads.

Then you can continue

That is largely all on Instagram advertisements.

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