Email marketing

Email marketing

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What is Email marketing?

Email marketing can simply be defined as promoting your brand and increasing sales through the act of sending commercial messages.

How does email marketing work?

There are certain tools you could use to make email marketing a lot more easier for you like

  1. Mailchimp
  2. get response
  3. elastic mail
  4. Constant Contact
  5. drip
  6. SendinBlue
  7. ConvertKit

so many more I’m not here to talk about, but I would explain step by step how to go about email marketing with Mailchimp

How do you use MailChimp step by step?

This is very easy, just follow the process and you would be an expert in Mailchimp and email marketing.

Step 1.

Step 2.

Click on sign up for free

step 3.

it would take you to a page just like this, all you have to do is to fill the form following instructions, you can use your email address as your username and for the password make sure you add

  • One lowercase character
  • One uppercase character
  • One number
  • One special character
  • 8 characters minimum

when you’re done click on get started.

step 4.

Mailchimp would send activation mail to your Email, all you have to do is to click on the activation message, activate then it would redirects you to a page that tells you to confirm if you’re not a robot. confirm you’re not a robot and move to the next step.

Step 5.

Payment plan, simply click on the free plan that indicates 2000 free mails, it allows you to send 2000 free mails, if it’s more than that, they would automatically upgrade you, which would require payment, so kindly click on the free plan and click on complete.

Step 6.

The next page is “Welcome to Mailchimp” fill in your first name and last name.

Step 7.

Next page is “tell us about your business ”

Type the name of your business and website and click on continue.

Step 8.

Next step “Add your address” fill the form and click on continue

Step 9.

 Do you have a list of email subscribers?

 Just click on I’m not sure and continue.

Step 10.

“Connect to social media”

You don’t need to connect to social just continue

Step 11.

 Let’s find your marketing path?

Click on “not right now”

Click on let’s go and you’re ready

Next, you have to import your email contacts to Mailchimp and to do that follow the steps below

How to import email addresses on Mailchimp

1. Click on audience above

2. Click on manage audience and select import contacts

3. Select the medium or way to import


The easiest way to import is to use the copy/paste option

4. Select Copy/paste and click on continue to set up

5. Paste or type in your email and click on continue to match

6. Click on continue to organize

7. Click on continue to review then click on import

Next, you have to create your campaign

How to create an email campaign (Newsletter)

1. On the top bar, click on create

2. Select email from the pop-up dialogue box

3. Set your campaign name and click on begin

4. Go to design template, select the template

5. Use the tools to design your email campaign

i. TEXT: to write a copy or context

ii. BOXED TEXT: used for headers

iii. IMAGE: To bring in a single photo

iv. IMAGE GROUP: Brings in more than one photo, with a maximum of five

v. SOCIAL SHARE: Allows subscribers to share your newsletters

vi. SOCIAL FOLLOW: Allows your subscribers to follow you on social media

vii. FOOTER: To add your contact

viii. DIVIDER: Allows you to add space between two of your tools

ix. IMAGE+CAPTION: Combination of image and text

x. IMAGE CARD: Combination of image and text box

xi. BUTTON: Allows you to add a link or an action to your subscribers.

The toolbox contains:


Content allows you to edit and import the content, while the style area allows you to beautify your content. The settings allow you to add additional features and rearrange.


All tools have additional four tools on them

1. The dragging and rearranging tool ( box with smaller boxes in it)

2. Edit tool (a box with a small slender rectangle positioned on a horizontal line)

3. Delete tool ( a basket in a box)

4. Duplicate ( A box with two smaller boxes with the fore one carrying a plus sign)

When you are done with setting up your mail, you can send

That’s all on Mailchimp for now

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  • Thank you for sharing this insightful article! I’ll have to see if mailchimp will work with our contact management software now. I’ve heard DYL works with most third-party apps, but need to make sure.

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