How to start a blog

How to start a blog

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You can easily start a blog by using blogger or WordPress

Below are the step you can observe to begin your weblog with blogger

How to start a blog on blogger platform

1. Make positive you have a Gmail account

2. Visit www.Blogger.Com

3. Sign in together with your Gmail

4. Create a blogger profile with the call you need

5. Click on create a brand new blog.


Your blogger account can create greater than ten blogs on that profile

6. Add your identify and cope with

NB: Your name is the name of your blog, while they cope with is the URL or area of your weblog.

How to get site visitors to your blog.

1. Through social media adverts

2. Through show ads

three. Through search engine optimization (based on relevance). Seek Engine Optimization

four. Through sharing posts on social media the use of hashtags

five. Using email advertising

How to Embed motion pictures on weblog posts

1. Go to youtube.Com

2. Search for the video

three. Expand or open the video

four. Click on proportion, beneath the share a hyperlink dialogue container, click on the embed

5. Copy the hyperlink given to you

6. Go lower back to blogger, open you’re submitting by means of the pinnacle left-hand aspect, click on HTML and paste.

Social media advertising

There are three media in virtual marketing:

βœ“ Paid (commercial)

βœ“ Earned (social media publish)

βœ“ Owned (your website, your weblog)

To construct a strong advertising strategy, you need to understand the following:

1. Business plans

2. Market notion

three. Your target marketplace (who, why, in which)

4. Digital technology usage

5. The exceptional channels for you

Digital marketing or online advertising and marketing is promoting your business the usage of one or all of the following 5 channels:

I. Search

II. Social

III. Video

IV. Email

V. Display


Every commercial enterprise needs to construct a web approach.

The Business Strategy

The enterprise approach is split into 4 elements.

1. Mission statement: that is a one-sentence precis that defines what you are trying to do. You use your task statement to keep the whole thing in the test.

2. Organizational or logo targets: the piece necessary to hold the commercial enterprise walking and preserving identification.

3. Value proportion.

I. Why do you out?

Ii. What makes your enterprise-specific?

Iii. Why might someone pick out you over your competitors?

Four. Elevator pitch: it is the precis of your emblem


To construct an emblem or commercial enterprise approach, you need to:

i. Reach the proper or accurate audience

ii. Understand the target audience

iii. Understand wherein to discover the target audience.

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