How to Unlock An Android Phone with Google account

How to Unlock An Android Phone with Google account

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how to unlock an android phone with gmail precious media

How to Unlock An Android Phone with Google account.

I briefly want to explain how to unlock an android phone with gmail.

Did you lock your Android Phone accidentally or you forgotten your android device password or pattern?  

Don’t worry today, i’m going to teach you how to unlock your android with a google account.

Everyone using an Android device links their device with a Google Account to take advantage of many Google and Android device benefits like Gmail, Google Play Store and others.

If you have linked your device

with any of your Google account then you can unlock your android device by using that account.

steps on how to unlock your phone

Get access by Using Forget Password/ Forget Pattern Link by entering a wrong password or pattern repeatedly.

After few wrong attempts, below or above you would find  “Forget Password” or “Forget pattern” option depending on what you set, if you set password then you will get a “forget password link” and if you set pattern then you will get a “forget pattern link”. You can then access your device via that link.

how to do this:

1. Type the wrong password or pattern back on back till you can get the forget link.

2. Once you get the Forget Pattern or Forget Password Link, tap on it to go towards the account Unlock page.

3. Now enter your Linked Gmail Account Details correctly to get access to your android device.

One more thing to be noted is you may likely need Data for some devices.

So just scroll the upper menu and switch On the Data Network.

If you still can’t get access to your device in such case use the 2-step Google verification method to unlock your Android device.

How to Unlock Android Device with 2-step Verification Method

 2-step verification helps recognize you each and every time you login to your account.

Whenever you need to login every time after filling the ID and Password you need to give a unique code which will be received through text message or through voice call on the mobile number which is linked to your Google account. 

To use 2-step verification method you have to enable it on your Google account.

If you are using 2-step verification method then its good. But if you are not using that then you have to enable it first.

For that you have to go Google account setting on your PC and go to Sign-in & Security option, from there you can enable it.

After enabling 2-step verification on your Google account.

When you enter your Gmail Id and Password in Forget Password/ Forget Pattern link you will have to enter the unique code which you get through message or voice call.

Now you would be able to get access to your device.

How to Unlock Android Phone with Google Account

This is the final method to use If you can’t remember your password or pattern of your android handset.

 For this method you need another android handset or any laptop in which you can access your Google account using Chrome web browser.

One thing is to be noted is that by using this method you can get access to your android handset but you will lose every data from your phone because that’s just how it works.

1. Firstly bring an android phone or any laptop and Open your Google account in Chrome browser.

2. Login your same Google Account which you have login in your handset.

3. Go to Find My Device Click on the link and Login to your same Google account which you have login in your android device.

4. Now click on reset and unlock.

Your smartphone will be factory reset and get unlocked, now you can set your smartphone for new use.

For this method, the Data service of your smartphone should be On because that’s the only way this method works. You can easily switch on

your data by pulling down your notification panel and clicking on the data icon to switch it on.


This might be helpful for you to get out from your problems regarding those issues which are related to this. If you have any problem regarding this or any query then we are here to help you.

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