Marketing strategy that can make your business better

marketing strategy

Marketing strategy that can make your business better

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What is a marketing strategy?

Wikipedia would say Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking approach to planning with the fundamental goal of achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

That’s actually Wikipedia’s definition, but if you ask me what marketing strategy is, I would tell you its any plan you apply or want to apply to your business that works.

Does that mean that all strategies work? No

Does that mean that all strategies should work? Yes

A well planned and structured marketing should work, if it doesn’t you might need to add little juice to it.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.


During a business strategy retreat, A facilitator asked us what we would love to learn.

When it got to my turn, I told her I would love to learn her marketing strategy

she quickly corrected me, she said “marketing strategy” not “my marketing strategy”

After her session, I understood what works for “A” might not necessarily work for “B”

Let’s take Opay and Gokada for example (In case you don’t know them just google)

Gokada existed before Opay but Opay came, and they took over.

Why? patience, time and planning.

Most people don’t have the patience to work on their strategy

They are all excited thinking it would work or maybe they are betting on the fact it would work

Every structured strategy has a particular time or season it should be executed

Always plan for what could possibly go wrong, if “A” doesn’t work the alphabets are up to 26


  • Grassroot strategy
  • storytelling strategy
  • word of mouth
  • Swot

Before I explain any of the strategies above, I want to kindly remind you of my statement earlier on.

Strategies that work don’t make academical sense.

Trust me when I tell you Google is my best friend

I’ve searched repeatedly online for a working strategy

But they keep on repeating the same thing

For a strategy to work, you need to apply Grassroot strategy

You need to get out of your comfort zone and see exactly what is happening around you.

Drop your pride, beauty, heels, just drop them all for a while and go to the grassroots

You can’t get product knowledge from google

Identify the fact that the market has need

Don’t lunch when you’re not ready for the market or the market is not ready for you

Localize the global strategy

New strategy that is trending is carrying people along

The best place to start is your home, if they can’t buy into your idea, you’re not ready.

Avoid vision killers

Identify your strength weakness, opportunities, and targets(swot)

Who where when why how should be a question you don’t stop answering

Did you hear about the Nigerian lady who went to prepare Moi-Moi in the white house?

She got there through word of mouth, it started when she prepared this really nice moi-moi for her husband’s visitor

She prepared moi-moi for him, he loved it so much and asked if he could pay for her to make a certain amount for him

From there he told someone, they tried it and told another person, the chained continued until she landed in the white house.

Power of word of mouth

Do you know no one knows and can tell your story better than you

They might spice it up but it’s still yours.

I would continue to write more about this and go in-depth on how to make your strategy work perfectly, just keep on visiting my blog and learning more from precious media.

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